Pomegranate Expoters in India 

We export Fresh Pomegranates that are spruced from the numerous farms of India. Our Pomegranate Fruits are fresh and organically cultivated.
Red Pomegranates especially the variety Bhagwa is widely known for its soft seeds and deep red aerials that classify it as seedless. We are well established as one of the major Indian Pomegranates Exporters. We produce best quality fresh pomegranate in an organic way with the innovative technology & organic inputs. We follow best practices in organic farming also processed fruits are without preservatives and are filled with natural sweetness. The other varieties are Arakta and Ganesh that are largely grown in West and South India.


The finest Indian varieties of pomegranates are:

  • – Ganesh
  • – Mridula
  • – Arakta
  • – Ruby
  • – Phule Bhagwa
  • – Phule Bhagwa Super

Nutritional facts

Pomegranates are loaded with nutrients and their consumption leads to several health benefits. It is also considered as healing foods. It is filled with antioxidants because of the presence of polyphenols. The fruit is also loaded with Vitamin C which helps our body to fight infections. Pomegranates contain fewer fats and a high amount of carbohydrates as compared to other fruits. One average size pomegranate consists of 16 mg of Vitamin K which is essential in preventing blood clotting in our body. Also, there are various minerals found in pomegranates like Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Folate, and Phosphorous.

Indian Pomegranates

India is the leading producer of pomegranates all over the world and the fresh pomegranates are supplied in different parts of the world. Bhagwa variety is the finest variety of pomegranates grown in India. There are many fresh pomegranate suppliers in India. Oretic stands out and is the leading fresh pomegranate exporter from India supplying in domestic markets as well as international markets. Different countries of the world look for fresh pomegranate exporters from India and Oretic meets the quality standards and is the fresh pomegranate supplier from India.

Packaging: Net Wet of Box 3.5/4.00kg,4.50kg,15-20kg in Plastic Carets.

Fruit Count/Box (3.50kg net wet)

200to 240gm-16 Count

240 to 275gm 14 Count

275 to 325gm 12 Count

325 to Above 9/10 Count

Details: Minimum Weight 180gm, Maximum Weight 400gm.


Bhagwa Super




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