Cavendish G9 Banana

Cavendish G9 Banana Expoters in India 

If you prefer bananas with pedigree, Cavendish banana should be your choice. They belong to the Cavendish subgroup of the AAA cultivar group. Across the world there is a huge demand for fresh Cavendish bananas. In the Middle East countries the majority of commercially-sold bananas are the Cavendish banana. It has more nutrition content than other varieties of banana like the macho banana and the red banana. It is loaded with potassium, but contains less sugar than other varieties. We export best quality Cavendish bananas packed under hygienic conditions to Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE, and Yemen. To prevent rotting we use the most advanced techniques. The selection of banana farms and its management ensures us a continuous export of high quality bananas across the world. Our fresh green Cavendish Bananas are cultivated in the plantations around the Western hills of Tamil Nadu, which has the most ideal climatic condition for cultivating Cavendish banana, adopting 100% drip irrigation technology.


  • High Quality
  •  Rich in Taste
  • Multiple Health Benefits
  • Retain Freshness
  • Affordable Price


  • Bottom 5 ply and top 3 ply quality carton box

Specifications of Cavendish Banana

Colour Green
Mature 40 to 46 (depend upon the age, size &
Length Minimum 18 cm- 25 cm( pulp to tip)
Hands 4,5,6 hands 85% & 7 hands 15%
Net weight 13.100 Kgs per carton box
Gross weight 14.2 Kgs. per box
Box Quality Bottom 5ply and Top 3ply strong Carton Box
Temperature 13.5 degree in refer container
Capacity 10 containers(40’Ft reefer) /Weekly
Delivery 10 to 15 days after received advance payment
Load ability 1540 carton box(20MT) can be loaded in a 1×40
feet container

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